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Data Monetization

We put together a high level methodology for objective settings and use cases - a deep analysis of your current state and a strategic action plan

Making business meaningful data become streamed revenue 

About Monetization

Data monetization is the process of an organization taking the data that it collects from its customers subscriptions, interactions and organizing that data into worthy services and solutions for themselves or third parties to use and buy to create new data oriented revenue streams 

Identify Valuable Data 

What is the data that holds value? Whats your data worth?  to whom?  How to capitalize it? Data Science - How to understand which data to use/combine it to get business value insights? 

The value data can hold depends mostly on the importance that data has for whoever needs it. The frequency and amount of data generated as well as the complexity and detail, can also help define the value of the data. Also, the exclusivity and the usability makes data value rise up.

Using Singularity Digital Enterprise Data Monetization Methodology we can identify, gather and combine data so that it holds the intended value for your business challenge.

Define a Data Monetization Strategy

Detailed data strategy allowing to have different kinds of data and purposes, both to sell/trade to partners and to upgrade and develop new business models

Companies are already monetizing data and report that they are doing so in different ways, including adding new services to existing offerings, developing entirely new business models, and partnering with other companies in related industries to create pools of shared data.

Singularity Digital Enterprise can help you identify, discover and combine the data that you already have into a valuable assets that can help you understand, preview and react to market changes, customer preferences, expectations and behaviors, making important business decisions meaningful and profitable.