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Singularity Smart Data Platform

Platform where your company Inside Data can meet the Open data through API´s
You can have a deep customer understanding, where they live and what they look like!

Clustering Data

We created a methodology to process the data of Agglutination of individual´s to groups of individuals, with common interests or categories with economic value.

Data Scientist Team: Extract knowledge or insights from data.

AI\Machine Learning Team: Algorithmic adaptation or creation.

Rich Visualization: Communicate information clearly and efficiently. 

Advertising couldn´t measure airtime in video...
until now.

In the last years we created an AI Algorithmic based on Computer Vision to measure Advertising Time per brand inside the Video. It counts how long brands appeared inside a TV show, movie or sport broadcast etc.

Airtime is a simple and efficient solution, framing the advertising data in video, based on cloud services and own IP.