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We Unleash the Power of Your Business Data

We Unleash the Power of Your Business Data
With our cutting edge Solutions, Advanced Projects Methodologies and competencies we are capable of Unleashing your Business Valuable Data. 


In the last years we have created 3 disruptive Products and Methodologies based on complex algorithm’s and AI
to accelerate the Process of Unleashing the Power of Business Data.

Smart Data

Deep Customer Learning links Inside Data from organizations and Open Data from social media and Public Data like demographics, transports, etc.


Aggregate individuals into groups with common behaviours, interests, categories and economic value through Data Science, AI/Complex Algorithmic and Data Visualization.


Airtime solutions, taking advantage on computer vision and machine learning algorithms to recognize brands, patterns and measure each ones exposure airtime.

Advanced Projects

You have tons of data, but can you grab information out of it? Can you learn from the trends, the gaps and the patterns data shows? We can help you build analytics solutions and explore data in a way you may never experience before.

Process Automation

Machine Learning 

Data Science 

Business Intelligence 

Smart Sourcing

Business Intelligence Consultants

Our BI consultants can improve your competitive advantage by implementing information management and analytics solutions to provide you valuable business insights and optimize your operational performance.

Project Managers

Having the right ideas isn’t enough. You need to make sure they happen as predicted to realize the expected value out of it. You need to be in control on how the developments are happening ensuring the project is going the right way. Singularity Digital Enterprise Project Managers are experienced and certified in PM methodologies.