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Students from Iowa State University visit Singularity

 had the privilege to receive the visit of a group of 18 students from Jerry and Debbie Iowa State University – Ivy College of Business. They are making an immersion trip to Lisbon with the coordination of Professor Darin Wohlgemuth to get to know the leading companies and executives of the Portuguese business fabric

The invitation came from the Austral Education Group. This company specializes in academic trips for Universities and MBA, PMBA, and Executive MBA students from numerous Universities and Business Schools of world renown.

The students developed a previous work on Singularity Digital Enterprise. In yesterday’s session, they had the opportunity to get to know the company’s reality better and discuss issues related to the impact of the GDPR, Analytics, Cybersecurity, and COVID-19. They also discussed the challenges faced during its implementation and how they affect decisions in terms of Marketing and Finance.

We had a great time together and wished all the best for our visitors!