Singularity build the first chatbot with Generative Artificial Intelligence for customer service

Singularity build the first chatbot with Generative Artificial Intelligence for customer service

On November 15, Helena, a chatbot built by Singularity part of Devoteam in partnership with Microsoft and CTT – Correios de Portugal, was launched. Powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT), aims to revolutionise the customer service experience.

Based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI technology, ‘Helena’ offers an unparalleled level of support to all CTT customers, providing real-time assistance that combines informational and transactional components.

Helena is more than just a chatbot; from now on, she represents an ally dedicated to customers who reinforces CTT’s commitment to offering quality service throughout the value chain, and it is available 24/7. CTT customers will be able to ask ‘Helena’ about the status of their order, what is the postal code of an address, what the store opening hours are, how to pay tolls , among many other information that are immediately available.

Singularity partnered Microsoft to develop a breakthrough trading solution for EDP.

Singularity partnered Microsoft to develop a breakthrough trading solution for EDP.

Singularity collaborates with Microsoft to develop GEMOS, the Global Energy
Market Operating System, designed exclusively for EDP.
GEMOS revolutionizes energy trading by streamlining the complex energy
trading process across multiple geographies on a massive and multi-country

The goal was to overcome operational and technological challenges, such as unification of data sources and real-time processing between data centers. The project demanded a robust and fail-safe architecture leveraging clustering over the cloud local centers, and local disaster recovery sites.

GEMOS is a cloud-based solution supported by Microsoft Azure technology that assures resilience and performance. It allows the integration of different variables and the automation and digitalization of the data reception and market offer placement processes.

With GEMOS, the EDP Group has the power to improve the management and control processes of their trading systems, adding analytics to support operators in negotiations and market operations. It’s a game-changer innovation in action.

Devoteam Expands Expertise in acquiring Singularity Digital Enterprise, a Data and AI Company in Portugal

Devoteam Expands Expertise in acquiring Singularity Digital Enterprise, a Data and AI Company in Portugal

Paris, France – October 12, 2023. Devoteam is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Singularity Digital Enterprise, a prominent data-focused company based in Portugal. This strategic move is a significant step forward for Devoteam’s expansion plans and reinforces its commitment to delivering cutting-edge data value propositions to clients worldwide.

“This acquisition aligns perfectly with our strategic focus on Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Data. Singularity’s expertise in data analytics, business intelligence, and AI will empower us to deliver even more comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clients,” said Cyril Lehmann, VP at Devoteam in charge of the global Data Driven team.

With this acquisition, Devoteam Group enhances its service portfolio, leveraging Singularity’s unique data-driven capabilities to enable smarter and more informed business decisions. The acquisition comes as part of Devoteam’s ongoing effort to reinforce its presence in key technology sectors across major geographical regions.

Bruno Tavares, CTO at Devoteam Portugal highlighted, “Singularity’s data expertise perfectly complements our existing capabilities. This acquisition not only enables us to strengthen our Data-Driven team in Portugal but also provides us with a significant competitive advantage in delivering advanced analytics for AI and other cutting-edge solutions.”

Singularity’s Managing Team and founders Pedro Martins and Hugo Cartaxeiro shared their enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Joining forces with Devoteam is an exciting opportunity for Singularity. Our shared entrepreneurship spirit and vision for leveraging data and AI to drive faster business growth for our clients complement seamlessly, and we are eager to contribute our expertise to Devoteam’s ambitious projects.”

Bruno Mota, Managing Director at Devoteam Portugal, emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition for the local market: “This acquisition accelerates our growth in Portugal, allowing us to acquire skills that were previously unavailable in the country. It also enables us to consolidate existing competencies, creating a robust centre of excellence that will drive technological innovation in the region.”

With offices in Portugal, Singularity has more than 60 data experts, who work with various technologies and strategic partners, such as Microsoft, which has resulted in a portfolio of +200 projects implemented in the largest Portuguese companies.


Managing the Risks of Generative AI

Managing the Risks of Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has become widely popular, but its adoption by businesses comes with a degree of ethical risk. A clear framework aligning generative AI goals with business objectives is essential, along with operationalizing ethical AI practices.

The guidelines for the ethical development of generative AI ( provide a comprehensive framework for organizations as they adopt this technology and cover five focus areas: accuracy, safety, honesty, empowerment, and sustainability.

To ensure accuracy, organizations should train AI models on their own data, communicate uncertainty, and enable validation.

Integrating generative AI in business applications requires using zero-party and first-party data, keeping data fresh and well-labeled, and involving humans in the loop for context and accuracy. Testing and continuous oversight are essential, and feedback from employees, advisors, and communities helps identify risks and make improvements.

  • To ensure accuracy, organizations should train AI models on their own data, communicate uncertainty, and enable validation.
  • Safety involves mitigating bias, toxicity, and harmful outputs, as well as protecting privacy and identifying vulnerabilities.
  • Honesty requires respecting data provenance, obtaining consent, and transparently disclosing AI-generated content.
  • Empowerment emphasizes the supportive role of AI and involves humans in decision-making, ensuring accessibility, and treating contributors with respect.
  • Sustainability addresses the environmental impact of large language models and encourages minimizing their size and energy consumption.

By following these guidelines, organizations can responsibly adopt generative AI, mitigate risks, eliminate bias, and uphold ethical AI practices that benefit both their own interests and broader societal responsibilities.

Demystifying Generative AI: Essential Insights for CEOs

Demystifying Generative AI: Essential Insights for CEOs

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence, generative AI is emerging as a game-changer with the potential to transform industries. Understanding generative AI is crucial if you’re a CEO looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Generative AI can transform your operations within specific business domains, enhance productivity, and unlock value across various use cases. However, it requires a coordinated approach and careful consideration of risk and value creation. Generative AI can generate incorrect responses and lacks transparency, necessitating human oversight. Moreover, it can potentially infringe upon intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and human dignity.

Given these challenges, the role of the CEO is crucial in driving the organization’s focus on generative AI. As companies embark on their generative AI journey, there are several strategies that CEOs should keep in mind to navigate these complexities effectively:

  • Coordinate approach: Bring leaders from different functions to identify valuable use cases and ensure the safe implementation of generative AI.
  • Transform domains: Focus on use cases within specific domains that can have a transformative impact across business functions.
  • Build a robust tech stack: Assess technical capabilities, including computing resources and data systems, to unlock generative AI’s potential.
  • Create a pioneering approach: Showcase the impact of generative AI internally, such as through a virtual expert, to test before scaling.
  • Balance risk and value: Establish ethical principles and guidelines, starting with lower-risk applications before high-value ones.
  • Embrace ecosystem partnerships: Collaborate with vendors, model providers, and infrastructure partners for accelerated execution.
  • Prioritize talent and skills: Enhance technical capabilities, upskill the workforce, and foster an innovative culture to integrate generative AI successfully.

Although the operational and risk aspects of the technology are still evolving, it is clear that taking action is necessary. The question then becomes: Where and how should they initiate their generative AI endeavors?

At Singularity Digital Enterprise, we partner with clients to explore what’s possible with AI to set an inspiring vision that wins support across the organization. With a complete picture of an organization’s current capabilities and strategic vision, we build the business case for AI transformation and develop a roadmap.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions, please get in touch with us.

Students from Iowa State University visit Singularity

Students from Iowa State University visit Singularity

 had the privilege to receive the visit of a group of 18 students from Jerry and Debbie Iowa State University – Ivy College of Business. They are making an immersion trip to Lisbon with the coordination of Professor Darin Wohlgemuth to get to know the leading companies and executives of the Portuguese business fabric

The invitation came from the Austral Education Group. This company specializes in academic trips for Universities and MBA, PMBA, and Executive MBA students from numerous Universities and Business Schools of world renown.

The students developed a previous work on Singularity Digital Enterprise. In yesterday’s session, they had the opportunity to get to know the company’s reality better and discuss issues related to the impact of the GDPR, Analytics, Cybersecurity, and COVID-19. They also discussed the challenges faced during its implementation and how they affect decisions in terms of Marketing and Finance.

We had a great time together and wished all the best for our visitors!