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In just 2 years, Singularity Digital Enterprise Power BI and AI Competence Center trained more than 350 Professionals and implemented more than 30 projects. Our Competence Center is considered the best reference in the Portuguese Market.

We develop three lines of service in our Power BI and AI Competence Center

Power BI Academy

Professional Training

Smart Diagnosis – Maturity Level Index – Xpress Classes – Gamification Plan – Best Practices Manual

Power BI Services

Professional Services

Data Architecture – Modeling – Integration & Governance – Interactive Reports – Rich Data Visualization (UX/UI)

Power BI SmartSourcing

Competence Expert Resources



The Singularity Digital Enterprise Academy brings to the context of training the experience gained in DATA and AI solutions, together with the various business partners and the most diverse sectors of activity.

Our Academy provides an educational and informative environment, but above all transformative.

Our hands-on approach allows you to explore and solve real issues, making training more dynamic and targeted to real-world challenges.

The Singularity Digital Enterprise Academy aims to prepare graduates to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation, contributing to the development of qualified professionals ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing job market.

Learning tools such as Microsoft Office Excel, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps, among others, allows trainees to effectively understand and use technological solutions to improve efficiency and decision-making in their organizations. We aim to empower graduates with the skills they need to excel in a constantly evolving digital world.

Through a comprehensive and interactive approach to learning we aim for professionals to have the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various areas relevant to today’s business world.

We value customization and understand that each company and trainee is unique. Therefore, our training can be adapted according to the profile and context of the company, profile of the trainees and objectives to be achieved.

Our training team works closely with customers to understand their needs and adjust the content, duration and methodology of each training. This customization ensures that trainees receive a highly relevant, targeted and impactful training that matches the specific requirements of the company and maximizes the results obtained.

We believe that this personalized approach is fundamental to the success and development of professionals and organizations, allowing them to reach their full potential.


In addition, the Academy also offers programs that address advanced topics, such as Open AI.

These courses empower students to understand and apply artificial intelligence ethically and responsibly, exploring the potential of this emerging technology.

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