Building a Data-Driven Organization

Organizations seek to become ever more efficient, and better able to navigate change, becoming data-driven offers them new tools and new insights to help them meet those goals.

That’s why we need to visualize and understand data. A good example is the Power Management Cockpit created by Singularity Digital Enterprise which gives to any manager the X-ray of the company’s most important management indicators in a centralized view and allows informed business decisions supported by trustable, meaningful, and relevant business indicators.

Building a Data-Driven Organization

The wealth of data increasingly raises questions that challenge intuition. Businesses now capture data more transparently — and they see processes at more granular levels. Gut feelings about why something works or doesn’t no longer suffice. Data supports testing hypotheses, applying scientific tests to understand how a company may work more effectively. Data also leads to innovative insights about how goods and services perform in the market and how they deliver value to customers.

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