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This case study highlights the successful partnership between Singularity Part of Devoteam and EDP Group, the largest energy company in Portugal, in developing a breakthrough trading solution called GEMOS (Global Energy Market Operating System). EDP faced the challenge of improving their management and control processes for energy trading operations and negotiations in short-term physical markets across multiple geographies. Singularity Part of Devoteam, renowned for their expertise in data extraction and AI, rose to the challenge and designed GEMOS to address EDP’s needs.

Executive Summary:

GEMOS has become one of the most critical elements within EDP’s Energy Management systems’ landscape, supporting operations that significantly impact their profit and loss. The system aims to enhance efficiency by reducing manual work, streamlining processes, and increasing automation. The implementation of GEMOS has successfully centralized trading processes, automated information transmission, and improved resilience and audit capabilities.

The benefits of GEMOS are manifold. It standardizes processes, handles high volumes of information, reduces human errors, enables real-time decision-making, and creates an auto-trader capability. EDP now trades every 12 seconds in 16 different markets, with a daily transaction value exceeding 10 million euros. GEMOS supports 30 trading operators 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

The GEMOS project, which spanned from September 2019 to December 2022, contributed significantly to EDP’s profitability. It enabled rapid responses to emerging market demands, improved operational performance, ensured cost savings, opened up new market opportunities, and reduced human error.

Overall, GEMOS has transformed EDP’s data into a competitive advantage, increasing efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. This case study highlights the remarkable success of the GEMOS project, showcasing the power of collaboration between Singularity Digital Enterprise and EDP Group in revolutionizing energy trading.

Client Overview:

EDP Group, the largest energy company in Portugal, operates on a global scale, focusing on generating, distributing, and selling energy and related services. With a substantial presence across four continents, EDP Group serves over 11 million customers and employs approximately 14 thousand individuals.

The Challenge: Enhancing Trading Processes:

EDP faced a challenge in improving the management and control processes of their trading systems for market operations and negotiations. The complexity of energy trading processes across multiple geographies on a massive multi-country scale necessitated a transformative solution.

Partnering with Singularity Digital Enterprise

Singularity Digital Enterprise, a renowned company specializing in extracting business value from data through advanced algorithms and AI, was approached to address the trading process challenge. Singularity’s expertise lies in transforming an organization’s data into tangible competitive advantages, presenting it with visually appealing visualizations.

Introducing GEMOS: The Global Energy Market Operating System

Singularity undertook the architectural design and development of GEMOS (Global Energy Market Operating System) to cater to the trading requirements of EDP. GEMOS has become one of the most critical elements within EDP’s Energy Management systems’ landscape, supporting operations that significantly impact their profit and loss.

The primary goal of GEMOS was to enhance the efficiency of energy market operations and negotiation processes. The system aimed to reduce manual work and file-based operations, establish standardized cross-market processes, and introduce new ways of working to optimize and automate operations.

Collaborative Approach

Singularity and EDP embarked on the solution design phase after conducting a structured assessment and engaging key stakeholders from EDP’s trading core team. This approach ensured a clear understanding of the business challenge and the establishment of comprehensive requirements. The project demanded a robust and fail-safe architecture, leveraging clustering over the cloud, local data centers, and local disaster recovery sites.

Delivering Value: GEMOS in Action

After three years of development and successful implementation, GEMOS proved its worth by providing EDP with a common application that integrated all geographies and energy markets, unlocking new opportunities for business improvement: 

  • Rapid response to emerging demands through strategies like 15-minute negotiations.
  • Improved operational performance.
  • Ability to keep up with market trends.
  • Ability to process massive quantities of data.
  • Cost savings.
  • Enhanced resilience and reduced human error.
  • Real-time decision-making capabilities.
  • Creation of an auto-trader ability.
  • Maximizing Benefits: The Success of GEMOS

Before GEMOS, EDP faced challenges with multiple information sources and manual processes, lacking a single source of truth. With the implementation of GEMOS, EDP achieved automation of information reception and transmission, centralized trading processes across various regions and 16 markets, and substantial improvements in automation, resilience, and audit capability.

The benefits of GEMOS were numerous, including process standardization, the ability to handle high volumes of information, robust audit capabilities, reduction in human errors, increased real-time decision-making, and resilience. Additionally, GEMOS empowered EDP to create an auto-trader capability, streamlining trading activities.

Project Timeline and Results

The GEMOS project started in September 2019 and concluded in December 2022, marking a successful implementation that significantly contributed to EDP’s agility of operations. Today, EDP engages in trading activities every 12 seconds across 16 different markets, with daily transactions exceeding 10 million euros. The system supports 30 trading operators, enabling seamless operations 24/7.

Conclusion: A Success Story

GEMOS has become one of the most critical systems within EDP, revolutionizing the company’s trading capabilities. The project stands as a remarkable success story for both EDP and Singularity Digital Enterprise. Through their collaboration and leveraging their knowledge.

GEMOS was a breakthrough for EDP, revolutionizing the company’s trading capabilities. The project stands as a remarkable success story for both EDP, Singularity Digital Enterprise and Microsoft. Through their collaboration and leveraging their knowledge, they delivered a cutting-edge solution that met the complex and dynamic needs of the energy market. GEMOS is a testament to the innovation and excellence that both partners strive for.

Pedro Neves Ferreira -

Head of Energy Management, EDP

GEMOS is a cloud-based technology solution that leverages Microsoft Azure’s capabilities to provide high availability and performance. It runs on two different Microsoft datacenters and another two EDP Datacenters, that synchronize in real time, ensuring 24/7 reliability and scalability. It was a huge technical challenge but its working 

We successfully completed a complex and demanding project. It required a lot of skill and effort, but we made it work.

Luis Fernandes

IT & Data Director EDP Global Energy Management, EDP

Gemos solution is a breakthrough in the field of cloud computing and distributed systems.

It solved a complex business problem that required real-time synchronization of data across different Microsoft and EDP datacentres. The solution was scalable, robust, and consistent, and it delivered high performance for the EDP Trading business needs.

Tiago Monteiro

Executive Director Enterprise Commercial Microsoft Portugal, Microsoft

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