Data Academy

Power Apps

The Power Apps trainings developed by the Academy of Singularity Digital Enterprise bring numerous advantages to professionals and companies who want to use this platform to create applications.

With a practical approach, our Academy offers two levels of training in Power Apps: Initial and Advanced.


At the Initial level, participants are introduced to the basics of Power Apps, learning how to create simple and functional applications. During the training, they explore the Power Apps interface, learn how to use the various controls and components available and how to create application operating logic. It is an excellent option for those who are starting their journey or who want to consolidate the fundamental principles of the platform.


At the Advanced level, the training is aimed at professionals who want to deepen their knowledge in Power Apps. At this level, participants learn how to create more complex and customized applications, explore advanced features such as connectivity to external services, integration with databases, creation of formulas, and use of expressions to customize application behavior. We want trainees to be able, at the end of the course, to develop more sophisticated applications adapted to the specific needs of their organizations.

Through an essentially practical and personalized approach, trainees acquire solid knowledge to create custom applications in Power Apps. Trainees learn how to develop intuitive apps, connect to diverse data sources, and automate processes. These skills are extremely valuable in today’s business environment, allowing companies to optimize their resources.

Training customization is one of the distinguishing features of the Singularity Digital Enterprise Academy. We adapt the content, duration and methodology of the training according to the profile of the trainees and their specific needs, maximizing their learning. Our training team works closely with clients to understand their goals and customize the training to achieve the desired goals.