Data Academy

Microsoft® PowerBI®

Singularity Part of Devoteam offers a comprehensive training in Power BI, aimed at professionals who want to understand and master the added value of this data analysis tool. With a curriculum structured at different levels, Singularity Part of Devoteam training covers everything from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, empowering participants to fully utilize the potential of Power BI.


The first level of training – Fundamental – Level l – serves as an introduction to Power BI. Participants learn the basics of the tool and this level lays a solid foundation for understanding the features and functionality of Power BI.


At the next level – Intermediate – Level ll – participants deepen their knowledge of Power BI, at this level topics such as data modeling and standard functionalities (such as import, conversion, transformation and modeling or formatting and filtering data from simple tables in local sources or SharePoint) are addressed.

This level also includes optional add-ons:

  • Power BI Service (about additional features);
  • DAX Workshop.


For those who want to further develop their knowledge in PowerBI, there is also Level III – Advanced.
At this level, participants explore advanced topics such as Analytical Modeling and DAX in order to create complex data models and perform advanced analytics.

Bring Your Own Data

The differentiating factor of this training for traditional market training is the concept of “Bring Your Own Data” (BYOD), where participants are challenged to bring their own problems to be addressed during the course.

There are two additional modules:

Specialization in Storytelling and Visualization: focused on transmitting information in an impactful and engaging way, through the creation of attractive and dynamic dashboards and reports.

Analytical modelling & DAX.

Our Power BI courses are delivered by experienced trainers, but above all by professionals with several years of professional experience in developing Power BI solutions. With a practical and results-oriented approach, trainees acquire solid knowledge and will be better prepared with the skills needed to use Power BI effectively in their professional context.