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Singularity partnered Microsoft to develop a breakthrough trading solution for EDP.

Singularity collaborates with Microsoft to develop GEMOS, the Global Energy
Market Operating System, designed exclusively for EDP.
GEMOS revolutionizes energy trading by streamlining the complex energy
trading process across multiple geographies on a massive and multi-country

The goal was to overcome operational and technological challenges, such as unification of data sources and real-time processing between data centers. The project demanded a robust and fail-safe architecture leveraging clustering over the cloud local centers, and local disaster recovery sites.

GEMOS is a cloud-based solution supported by Microsoft Azure technology that assures resilience and performance. It allows the integration of different variables and the automation and digitalization of the data reception and market offer placement processes.

With GEMOS, the EDP Group has the power to improve the management and control processes of their trading systems, adding analytics to support operators in negotiations and market operations. It’s a game-changer innovation in action.

Managing the Risks of Generative AI

Managing the Risks of Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has become widely popular, but its adoption by businesses comes with a degree of ethical risk. A clear framework aligning generative AI goals with business objectives is essential, along with operationalizing ethical AI...