“Only with information and data that you can trust can you extrapolate to the future” Interview with Pedro André Martins, CEO Singularity DE

Pedro Martins, CEO and founder of Singularity Digital Enterprise, addresses the importance of having reliable data that, in turn, will generate reliable information that will allow you to approach the market with a better knowledge of reality.

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Singularity DE brings together Amazon and Microsoft in Portugal to talk about Artificial Intelligence

In October, the LX Data Science Summit 2017, organized by Singularity Digital Enterprise brings representatives of the two technological giants to the Portuguese capital, to present their vision of the future of Artificial Intelligence. “The event is organized by Singularity Digital Enterprise and takes place on October 12, at EDP’s headquarters in Lisbon, under the theme “A Glimpse into the Future”, around Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to present real cases already implemented in Portugal with a proven impact on the business of organizations.

Daniel Rasmus, a futurist, who stood out as an adviser to Bill Gates in defining and developing some of the most successful market strategies for new products and services for the American company, is one of the keynote speakers invited for this occasion.”

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